Blog Along Day 14: Would You Enjoy the Flylady Website?

FlyladyYou know, there are days when the Flylady website is downright funny. There are little flashes of jolly humor in there, playful, Girl Scout-ish kind of wholesome shenanigans. Let me explain why. Then you can think about whether you’d enjoy the Flylady website yourself.

Would you enjoy the Flylady website? Here’s why I do.

Let me highlight some examples.

Surprise Chicken

Today, I read an advice letter by Flylady called “I Love My Slow Cooker.” As a result, I have dinner in the works: her happy-making and probably pretty good Surprise Chicken. It involves dumping whichever unused condiments and jellies that you have over chicken and slow cooking it. I’m amused and feeling daring.



Flylady's surprise chicken

Here’s what I put in my surprise chicken:

1. oyster sauce

2. garlic hoisin sauce

3. ranch

4. apricot jelly

5. raspberry jelly

What do you think? Will it be good? I’ll be serving it over rice. While I find this whole thing hilarious, if it works, I’ll use it when I clean out my fridge in the future. If you recall, yesterday I cleaned out many things from my fridge, and this continues that work.

I choose to believe that this Surprise Chicken will be delicious.

Flylady Day 14

Crisis Cleaning

One of the most useful techniques that Flylady teaches – and one I’ve used time and time again – is her Crisis Cleaning method.

And it’s come through every time.

Is this particularly enjoyable?

Well, actually, it kind of is.

Whenever I’ve done a crisis cleaning, I’ve felt the adrenaline-filled exhilaration of a real challenge. When I’m done, I feel so satisfied with myself – the results are dramatic. And the guilt lifts off me. My house isn’t a wreck. I have worked hard. I’ve contributed.

Then I feel this amazing sense of peace. And a boost to my self-esteem. God only knows that we need every boost to our self-esteem that we can get!


Now let’s see how the baby steps are going.Dressed to shoes

Based on the previous steps, do you think you’d enjoy the Flylady baby steps?

So, today, I cleared off my bedside table when I put out a Hot Spot for two minutes. I had a pile of necklaces on it, because I wear a necklace on most days and then I take them off right when I go to bed.

I got dressed to shoes and fixed my hair and face.

I looked at my sticky note and thought about my internal narrative.

But here are some questions.

Did I… shine my sink last night?


Did I…perform a 5-Minute Room Rescue today.



My sink is not shining

Ahaha! Here’s my dirty sink. I am a very honest person.

And, actually, *squints*, that’s not too bad, actually. I can see that previous sink-shining efforts have been helpful because the porcelain of the sink isn’t really gross. It’s still white. No layers of old spaghetti sauce or spilled coffee in sight.

That’s actually pretty cool.

But why didn’t I shine my sink or perform a Room Rescue?

Because today the house cleaners are here. That’s right, I am privileged enough to have professionals come in and clean my house once a month. Right now there are three amazingly fast and skillful women cleaning my house.

While I write a post about how I’m learning to clean my house on my domesticity blog.



But the thing is, accommodating mental illness is appropriate and compassionate.

I know that I never do a detailed cleaning of anything. I don’t do a good job of wiping down my kitchen counters or my dining room table. I never dust. I don’t clean baseboards or vacuum dust bunnies or sweep out the floor underneath my couches.

And that’s because I have bipolar disorder. I have trouble identifying and clarifying tasks. I have depressive episodes. My hypomanic bursts of inspiration regarding cleaning burn me out and aren’t sustainable. I am easily sidetracked.

So, while it’s good for me to know HOW to clean my house and to develop a solid skill set, it’s really a wonderful boon that I am able to delegate the truly heavy lifting to professionals. I feel so lucky.

And if your finances allow for you to hire house cleaners, I truly recommend it. It’s so guilt-lifting to know that someone will, within a month, scrub the tub, mop the floors, vacuum around the edges of the room, and dust and scrub. It’s a reset button.

It saves me from feeling like an abject failure.

And, trust me, I pay these professionals gladly, I tip them well, and I treat them with the gravest respect. They are superheroes and saviors. It’s like having Wonder Women descend upon my house with buckets in hand, their lassos of truth dissolving grime in hyper-effective swipes.

Remember, Bipolar Disorder is a medical problem, like having any chronic condition.

If you don’t have the steady energy and mental focus to clean regularly, making professional housecleaning a financial priority is in-home care. It helps you as much as it helps your house, and you absolutely deserve it and shouldn’t feel any shame.

So Here’s Your Homework

Today, find a way to delegate a task to someone else. You don’t have to everything, nor should you. If you liked this article or found it helpful or funny, please comment and share it with a friend!

–>Flylady When You’re Tired<–

My favorite part of this whole site is the book reviews.






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