Blog Along: Flylady Babysteps Days 1 and 2

Fixed my hair and face

I have a yen to do some more Flylady. Flylady Marla CilleyShe’s an online housecleaning guru who’s been around forever. She’s the classic. I’ve tried her routine several times in the past, and I know her techniques are solid. New members to the Flylady group start with a thirty-day series of Flylady babysteps. I’ll start there.

She taught me many things that I’ve continued doing over the years. Off the top of my head, I’ve used her crisis cleaning method as a go-to method when I’m hosting a special event. And now when I clean, I reflexively focus on cleaning just one area at a time.

Flylady Babysteps

I’m not gonna lie – what with starting this website and writing my novel, my housecleaning has gone down the tubes. That’s okay.

I gave myself permission to. I knew that in order to get those projects rolling, I’d need to let the housecleaning go. I also let go of exercising for a while. That kept my task-list manageable.

But now I’m in a routine. I don’t need to do so much planning or legwork to keep the site and the novel going. And I’m getting itchy to clean my house.

So I’ll start Flylady today. It’s October 22. Let’s do this. I’m committing to do this for a month!

Flylady sends a bazillion e-mails a day and instructs us, firmly, to read them. She says that they’re for behavior modification and that they’ll slowly “Flywash” us. Hm. I’m guess I’m about to get Flywashed!


It looks like today I’m going to shine my sink.

I’ve done this before. I’m actually kind of excited about it. I know how nice it’ll feel when I’m done.

It also looks like, tomorrow, I’ll be getting dressed and putting on lace up shoes. (Do I even own lace-up shoes?) Flylady mentions that wearing lace-up shoes helped her stopped having cracked heels. Hm. I have terribly cracked heels. They’re super painful. Will wearing lace-up shoes help?

This sounds very much worth trying.

Right now I’m feeling a little bit excited about wearing lace-up shoes. Can you sense the sheep-faced grin on my face? Oh, being adult. Sometimes being an adult cracks me up.

OKAY. Here’s proof that I cleaned my sink:I shined my sink

That is an empty, cleaned, and dried sink. I didn’t wash the dishes. I set them to the side and focused on the sink. After I took this photo I poured some baking soda and vinegar on the stain on the left side, just to see if I could bleach it out a little bit. We’ll see how that goes.

Here’s the sink with the paste in it:

sink with baking soda and vinegar paste


It is now October 23rd. Day 2.

I’ve gotten two e-mails from Flylady overnight. One tells me that we need to declutter. The other is a product testimonial for her calendar. It describes, in glowing prose, how nice it is to have a clean home with plenty of resources on hand to “feed and water” the grandkids.

Today, in addition to shining my sink as part of my bedtime routine, I’m supposed to “get dressed to shoes.”

That means that I’m supposed to put on clean clothes, lace up shoes, and fix my hair and put on makeup.

My first question is this:

Do I own lace up shoes?

I rummage around in my shoe bin. Ah. Yes. I do. For those times when I decide that I shall take up long-distance walking or perhaps perform another Couch-to-5K. There they are.

Flylady would approve of my shoes

Slight problem. I own no socks. No problem. I’ll steal socks from my husband’s sock drawer. He’s used to it. Although, if I’ll be performing this challenge for a month, I probably ought to buy my own supply.

But first, let’s go check on that sink. How does that brown blotch look now that I’ve had baking soda and vinegar paste plastered to it overnight?


Answer: MUCH BETTER. Well. I feel effective.

Flylady and Bipolar 2

Real talk. I am not at all sure how well Flylady’s methods work for people who have Bipolar. Maybe her structure and persistent e-mails are helpful scaffolding for some. Maybe they’re overly ambitious for some, and overly restrictive for others. But I hope that she’ll offer some benefit.

That’s why I’m doing this challenge: I’m sharing my experience because I hope others who have Bipolar will be able to assess this method to see if it might be useful for them.

There are times I’ve started Flylady and been itching to plow through her babysteps more quickly than she recommends. I want to aim that Flylady flamethrower at my house and keep my finger glued to the trigger.

But this time around? I’m proud of myself for sticking to the one-baby-step-at-a-time method.

But I also have no desire whatsoever to push myself further. Because, along with the surge of hope I always feel whenever I start another method for housekeeping, I also feel a sense of preemptive despair.

Like, I know this will work for a while. And then it won’t.

The odds of me sticking to Flylady for more than a month or two are basically zero.

However, if I know that in advance, I can work with it. I’ll do Flylady for as long as it works for me, and then I’ll move on to something else.

That’s okay. Flylady will teach me some things. The next system will teach me some things.

And I will rest in between.

Getting Dressed to Shoes

Well. I found shoes. I rummaged through my husband’s sock drawer in the dark and came out with two socks of equal size. One sock is black. The other sock is purple. The purple sock was so tight that it took me five hip-straining minutes to put it on. I hate that sock now.

I put on my shoes. That took forever too, because apparently my hips are no longer flexible enough to assume the “tie your shoes” position anymore. I hate my shoes.

But now I am wearing shoes and socks. That took about fifteen minutes of total effort. I am not a fan of the aesthetic.

And to top it off, now my feet hurt.

That’s right. These sensible socks and laceup shoes are killing my feet. Just in the time it’s taken to stand here at my desk and type this post.

Hold the phone. Let me see if I can adjust them.

REPORT: for some reason, the laces were cinched incredibly tight across the top. Also, they’re laced up funny. My hypothesis: someone other than me wore these shoes and then booby-trapped them so I would hate life the next time I wore them.

Or I laced them too tightly.

Bottom line? The shoes are comfortable enough to wear now, because I loosened the laces. Whew.

Hair and Makeup

Part of getting dressed to shoes is what she calls “fixing your face and hair.” Well, okay.

I put on deodorant. I put on some pumpkin spice perfume. (HELLO AUTUMN.) I spray dry shampoo into my hair. Brush my teeth. Put on eyeliner, mascara, powder, and lipstick. Feel a little fancy now. Wish I had a necklace.

Fixed my hair and faceThis is my face when I’m wearing shoes that hurt.

I’m wearing a simple black knit dress, one purple sock, one black sock, and lace-up shoes.

The socks cut the line of my leg off at the shin and I feel stubbier than usual. And that one purple sock is cutting off my circulation.

So, In Terms of Bipolar?

Well. Putting on my shoes and socks was a big deal. It had so many obstacles to it that I was tempted to flush the socks down the toilet and put the shoes on the grill and barbecue them. Read: Unless I was doing this challenge, I would have given up and put on sandals or boots.

But putting on makeup and doing my hair was fun. I enjoyed taking a selfie. I feel pretty. From the waistline up. I’m bummed out about the way the shoes and socks mess up my silhouette, though. The makeup and hair part was good for my self-esteem.

These shoes hurt. I’m taking them off.

Dressed to shoesThis shoe and sock ensemble proved to be the devil incarnate.

I put my sandals on. I am James Dean. Rebel without a sock.


Tomorrow I am supposed to explore Flylady’s site while wearing shoes and socks and having a shiny sink.

Let’s see how this pans out, Flylady. Let’s see,

I note that I am typing this barefoot. I have kicked off my sandals. I didn’t even notice.

I’ll put them back on.

To think I was excited about wearing socks and lace-up shoes. I’ll have to figure out another way to fix my cracked heels. Or find better socks and shoes.

Here’s Your Homework

You didn’t think I’d post all of this without dragooning you into trying out Flylady too, did you? I invite you to check out Flylady’s site and to assess it for bipolar appropriateness. What do you think? A help or a hindrance to those who have bipolar. Comment below and let me know what you think. Meanwhile, if you liked this post, please share it with a friend.

—>Why Does My House Smell?<—

My favorite part of this whole site is the book reviews.





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