Blog Along: Flylady Cleaning Schedule Assessment, Day 8

shining sink and fixed hair and face

Flylady Cleaning Schedule Assessment

Well, it’s been a week! I continue my quest to assess the Flylady cleaning schedule.

How have my baby steps been going, you may ask?


My sink is shining.

I have gotten dressed.

I have fixed my hair and face.

For me, these are huge, no, stunning results. I lift my eyebrows stylishly up in surprise.

Here is photographic proof of my engagement with this process!

Commencing Photo Essay

Observe my made up face and clean sink.

shining sink and make up

I admit that I am having fun trying out new makeup looks every day.

I am wearing boots.

wearing my boots

And I have gazed upon my sticky note, read a couple of Flylady e-mails, and challenged at least one moment of negative self-talk. So there’s that.

But onward to today’s baby step!

Flylady Baby Steps Day 8

Here’s where I made a little adjustment.

A tweak, if you will, much in line with the adaptation of “lace-up shoes” to “boots.” Instead of a 3-Ring Binder, I’ll be using a Bullet Journal. Why? Simple. I know that binders don’t work for me and that Bullet Journals do.


I rummaged through my bookshelf until I came across an empty journal. This journal happens to be extra fancy and special because it was handmade by my friend Heather. Check out the beautiful work she did.

Heather's beautiful handmade journal


I made a title page.

Title page for Flylady control journal

I made an Index.

Flylady control journal index

I wrote down the Morning Routine as it exists so far:

Flylady morning routine

And I wrote down the Before Bed routine:

Before Bed Routine


But enough about me. What does Flylady have to say?


So. How well does this work for bipolar brains?

Flylady is really good at identifying and separating tasks. That’s a huge support for bipolar brains. And the control journal provides written directions. Those are also really good for bipolar brains. And she functions, through her numerous e-mails, articles, and videos, as a sort of distance support person.

For all of these reasons, it seems clear to me that Flylady has a high chance of being helpful to someone who has bipolar disorder.

But the assessment continues. I may still be riding high on initial enthusiasm. Check with me at the end of week three, and we’ll see what my stance is then.



Here’s Your Homework

Let me know what your take is on the Flylady process. What do you think? Is she helpful, overwhelming, completely out of touch with reality, or a genius, maybe? Comment below and lay out your thoughts. And if you are finding this Blog Along helpful, please share this post with a friend.

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My favorite part of this whole site is the book reviews.




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