Blog Along: Flylady Hot Spots, Day 6

Fixed my hair and face

FlyladyFlylady Hot Spots

Today, on Day 6 of the Flylady Babysteps, it’s time to beginning addressing the hot spots in my house.

What is a hot spot, you may ask?

It’s a place in your house that tends to attract clutter. Think of the foot of the bed, the kitchen counter, the dining room table, or the bedside table.

You get the idea.

A hot spot is anywhere in your house where you or others tend to just stick stuff. Or, as Flylady says, any flat surface that tends to attract clutter. So. Today I tackle Flylady Hot Spots!

Flylady Babysteps 6

This is all about assessing Flylady to see if she’s helpful for people with Bipolar Disorder.

Flylady isn’t for everyone. She seems to have a very targeted demographic: spiritual housewives with very cluttered houses.

I don’t know how well her method will work for Bipolar Stay-at-Homes. But it’s worth testing. I am quite willing to throw myself on this grenade. For science!

One thing that I’ve learned is that I do very well when I use structures and methods that are created for people who have ADHD. Those structures and pieces of scaffolding are incredibly useful for me and help me to function better.

Flylady reminds me of those methods.

Which, I suppose, is why I’ve connected Flylady to Bipolar Disorder. I realize that Bipolar Disorder and ADHD are not the same. But if Flylady can keep us focused and structured, we may be able to function well even when our neurotransmitters are doing mystifying things.

Which is why, today, I find myself exploring the idea of Hot Spots.

But first, let’s see how I’m doing with the rest of the baby steps.

Well, I have “fixed my hair and fixed my face.” I’m trying out a kind of 90’s lip today.Fixed my hair and face, ala FlyladyNote the rainbow on the tip of my nose!

Also, my sink is shining.shining sink

And I am obligingly wearing boots.dressed to shoes

So. Hot Spots. Let’s see what happens here.

So the idea is to attack one place where clutter accumulates. You set a timer for two minutes. Then you attack the area. When the timer goes off, you stop.

I am SO GAME. I choose my computer desk.

Here’s a Before Picture.

hot spot before pictureRight. I can see evidence of the recent Pride event, a library trip, and some wistful hopes to read books. I have good ideas.

Well. Let’s see what I can do here in two minutes exactly.

*Sets Timer and RUNS*

I come back to you gasping and out of breath. I had a thoroughly good time doing that. I was hooting and giggling and squealing while I dashed around my house trying to get things put away as fast as I could.

The result?

I will just show you now.

Drum roll, please.

Hot Spot after picture

I accept this outcome! In fact, I am very pleased with that for literally two minutes of work. Well, 1:59 because I watched the timer to make sure it was going first.

Tomorrow, not only will I celebrate one whole week of the Flylady Blog Along, I will continue the baby steps by laying out my clothes before bed. I am intrigued by this. Might be nice.



Here’s Your Homework

Tackle a hot spot! Set that time for two minutes and have at. Comment below and let me know how it goes! And, if you found this post useful or amusing or informative, please share it with a friend.

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My favorite part of this whole site is the book reviews.






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