Cleaning Up My House: Flylady Blog Along, Days 20 and 21.

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Flylady Day 21Cleaning Up My House: Day 20

I’m still working on cleaning up my house via Flylady! On Day 20, the next baby step was to start doing a load of laundry every day.

Now, I already have my seven-year-old son do a load of laundry every day. So at first I resisted this. But, upon critical inspection of the state of the dirty clothes hamper, we could stand to add another load a day.

So, he’ll keep doing his load of laundry in the morning. Then I’ll do a load of laundry at night. Sounds like a deal to me.

So I dutifully put on a load of laundry last night. And I remembered to transfer it.

*bows with a flourish.*






Flylady Day 21

Now for Day 21:

Can I just say that I’m so proud of myself for making it to Day 21?

“I’m so proud of myself for making it to Day 21.”


Today’s baby step is to read the “Ask Flylady” section of the website. We’re supposed to set a timer for five minutes and read.

So I did so.

Useful stuff, and I actually got a bit absorbed by it. She *does* turn these into pitches for her products, but there’s useful advice in those columns too.

About that Before-Bed Routine

It turns out that I love this. I really enjoy setting out my clothes. The Hot Spot pickup fixes little things that nag at me and weigh me down with slight amounts of guilt or depression. Shining my sink has become a sensory pleasure – all hot water and soap suds and the agreeable shine of a clean and dry sink.

As an accommodation for bipolar disorder

This rocks! I hope other people with bipolar disorder will try this to see if it works for them. Flylady selfie.

Selfie of Proof

You know, the thing about taking these frequent selfies is that I’ve been enjoying them. Previously in life, when I’ve taken a selfie, it’s been to prevent erasure: I belong in memories as much as anybody, even if I don’t look attractive to myself at the time.

Now I enjoy taking selfies because I’m taking pride in my appearance.


That’s a big step for me.

Note that today’s makeup is flashy and that I’m wearing a vampy leopard print dress. I got many compliments at my son’s school today when I dropped him off.


Who would have thought that Flylady would make me feel like I’m beautiful?

Here’s Your Homework

Take a selfie today and save it somewhere where you’ll be able to find it again. In a few years, you’ll be happy to have the memory.  If you’re feeling really brave, post your selfie in the comments! I bet you’re stunning.

If you liked this post, please leave me a comment below. What’s it like for you to take a selfie? Is it challenging? Empowering? Other?

Please share this post with a friend – maybe ask them to take a selfie too!



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