First Flylady Zone, Blog Along Day 13B

Flylady selfie of proof

FlyladyWhy is today Day 13B? 

Because yesterday was day 13A. Yesterday all of my plans went up in smoke, I got upset, and I went and, in a fit of rage, caught a Sunday matinee.

Arctic Dogs. I enjoyed it more than my kid.

Missing day 13A was little bit too bad, because yesterday was the first time I was to work a bit on a Flylady zone.

The kitchen that is.

My First Flylady Zone

So far today, I’ve gotten dressed to shoes. I read a Flylady email about perfectionism. I worked on a Hot Spot for two minutes. I read my sticky note. And I worked to be more compassionate about myself.

So now, I’ll go do the five minute Room Rescue, the five-minute Declutter, and the Kitchen Sink Cabinet cleanup.

That was an intense fifteen minutes. Very satisfying. Especially the five-minute Declutter. I tackled the inside of my fridge.

Flylady selfie of proof

I removed:

1. head of cabbage

2. one bag of parsnips

3. one head of broccoli

4. four eggshells

5. one carton of cherry tomatoes

6. one colorfully moldy bowl of hummus.

7. one ancient bag of pre-made guacamole

8. one pat of of rancid butter

9. one disgusting Tupperware full of red wine pan sauce

10. one cap from a whipped cream canister

11. One storage container full of 3-week-old brown rice

And other things. I didn’t keep a running list. Needless to say, I’m feeling much better about the inside of the fridge. Also, insight: I will not cook vegetables before they rot. Therefore, buying vegetables frozen is by far the better method for me.

And, hey, the cabinet under the kitchen sink was fantastic already. There were no extraneous items. I just lined everything up like-with-like. *brushes off hands smugly*

The five-minute room rescue I spent doing dishes by hand. My dishwasher is broken.


It’ll get fixed soon. The parts have already been shipped.

Flylady Day 13

It’s Important that the Flylady System Helped Me Even Though I Didn’t Do the Morning Routine

The previous night’s before-bed routine was there to support me. When I needed to leave the house in a hurry, there was an outfit waiting for me. The dishes were done. My sink was clean and dry.

And, because Flylady encourages us to just pick up where we left off, when I came home, I didn’t try to rush through the morning routine because I’d missed it.

I just did my before-bed routine and called it good.



Picking Up Where You Left Off

This is a new skill for me. I am, at heart, at anxious little perfectionist. I was so dismayed that I missed Day 13. Oh no! I felt mildly like a failure.

But Flylady encourages us not to be perfectionists. She tells us just to pick up where we left off.

I don’t think I’ve ever managed the latter.

Shining kitchen sink

But Lately I’ve Been Learning a New Skill.

It’s called “The Day After Perfect.” And it tells me that true stick-to-it-iveness happens the day after we don’t do something perfectly. It’s keeping going after that. It comes from a book called “Finished” by John Acuff.

And that mantra has allowed me to keep going with other things: my blog. My novel. My other website.

Case in point: this photo shows my shining kitchen sink. It celebrates what I’ve accomplished.

It DOESN’T show the rows of dirty dishes to the left.

My dishwasher broke. I am having trouble keeping up with hand-washing the dishes.

But I’m continuing with Flylady and taking pride in my achievements even though my progress isn’t perfect.

I think that’s one of Flylady’s biggest lessons.

And That’s Where This Blog Wraps Around to Bipolar Disorder

If you have anxiety, which is one of those things that tends to accompany bipolar disorder, imperfection can be agonizing. (Hypo)mania can drive us to extremes. Depression can lead us to despair and and giving up.

And Flylady’s message is to pick up where you left. Do what you can. Let it imperfect. And rest.

So, here’s your homework.

Pick up something where you left off today. A cooking challenge. A craft. A course of study. Working on a business. Applying for jobs. Trying to listen well to others. Or maybe a mindfulness or meditation practice. Go gentle, be imperfect, and stop when you’re tired.

Then rest with a beverage and pat yourself on the back.

Good job.

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–>Coping Skills Depression Worksheet<–

My favorite part of this whole site is the book reviews. 





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