Flyady Blog Along, Day 16: I’m making bead necklaces!

Flylady selfie of proof

FlyladyI note that I’m more than halfway through the Flylady Babysteps now. And, in a fit of energy for someone who can’t always put away the clean dishes, I am impressed that I have begun making bead necklaces. But why? I’ll tell you.

Let’s just discuss the fact that I am preparing for Christmas already.

This is unthinkable. In fact. IN FACT! I have begun handmaking gifts.

But this is no “I’m going to crochet an afghan for everyone on my list” kind of failure waiting to happen.

I’m beading necklaces.

I have purchased the beads. I have purchased the cord. I have scissors. I have spacer beads. And I have put these items in a bag.

I also have the organza gift bags and the brown paper tags to go with them.


First, the beads.


This bucket contains more than one thousand beads.

A bucket of one thousand beads

And the kit!

I would like to thank the Academy… that is, er, um, Flylady.

My beading bag

What forethought. What a manageable activity. What pre-planning! What starting-in-advance! Who does this? Is this what organized feels like?

*stands back and gazes at bead supplies reverentially*

Maybe so.Bead necklace

I sat at my kitchen table, listened to Christmas carols, and made three necklaces. The one on the right, here, I made for myself.


It turns out that I can make one bead necklace in twenty minutes. I feel like it’s downright plausible that I’ll make enough bead necklaces to get me through the holiday season.

That and my three-ingredent Snow Coffee Recipe, that is.

A jar of Snow Coffee. A personalized bead necklace. WHAHBAM. Christmas.



*drops mic*


I’m so pleased with myself.


Snow Coffee

How to Make Snow Coffee

1 tablespoon instant espresso crystals

1/4 cup sifted powdered sugar

1/2 cup dry creamer powder.

Mix together ingredients and place in a lidded jar.


When you’re ready to drink it, warm a mug of water in the microwave for one minute and thirty seconds. Then add three heaping spoonfuls of the mixture into the hot water.

I know, right?

You’re welcome.

You want to know what makes Snow Coffee even snowier?


Wait for it…




Whipped cream


*maniacal laughter*

I mean, um. Optional: top with whipped cream.


But how are the Flylady Babysteps going?

Flylady Babysteps Day 16

Marvelously, my friend! I have fixed my hair and face.

Today I put my hair up and wore my new! handmade! necklace! to school drop off.

I am still wearing my boots.

I did a five-minute room rescue, and fixed up a hot spot on my desk.

I even ate breakfast before I left the house.

I looked at my sticky note and referred to my control journal.

And I read the daily Flylady message. 



Yeah, I know.

I still have a few things to do. But first! Selfie of proof!



Selfie of proof!

Today was a no makeup day. But I did put lip balm on and use it as a highlighter on my brow bones, cheekbones, nose, and Cupid’s bow.

So, let’s see.

I need to do a five-minute Declutter and I need to spread up the beds.

Wow. That doesn’t seem hard at all.


So how is Flylady working for me as a person with bipolar disorder?

By golly, I love the to-do lists. I love the sense of progress. I love the happy surprises that come up when someone drops by and I’m presentable. And my house is presentable.

And I love the sense of acceptance and understanding that Flylady projects. She isn’t my culture. She isn’t my age group. but she feels like someone I know and love.

And, to be more granular, it’s helpful for me to function when I don’t feel so guilty about the house, or oppressed by it. It doesn’t send me into spirals of depression or rumination about what a failure I am.

Instead, I’m taking pride in doing things like making pie and beading these necklaces and waking up to a clean kitchen.

Do I worry that I’m joining the cult of domesticity and embracing values that will subjugate me?

A little bit.

But I feel like I’m taking on this role with eyes wide open, and that I have the option to do something else if I want to. It’s not like I’m being pressured into it. I just want to.

*hopes that that is true*


So. Here’s Your Homework.

Work a little bit on your holiday season preparation today. Nothing advanced. Nothing hard. Just make a little plan and gather some supplies and maybe work on it a bit. Do you need to buy cards? Get some holiday decorations? Dig up your decorations in the garage? Buy new lights or holiday-themed paper plates or send invitations? Do one little thing.

And if you do, comment below! Heck, comment below for ANY reasons.

And if you liked this post, please share it with a friend.

–>Why Does My House Smell?<—

My favorite part of this whole site is the book reviews. 

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