Flylady Blog Along Day 12: Can I stick to habits?


Can I stick to habits? That is the question.

On this, a Saturday, I am feeling downright rebellious.

I put out a Hot Spot, performed a five minute Room Rescue, looked at the sticky note, and took down a negative thought about myself.

Now I’m supposed to read a Flylady e-mail and declutter for five minutes. Then I’m supposed to rest for five minutes.

I don’t want to.


The selfie of proof!

Flylady Day 12 Selfie of Proof

Can I stick to habits?

Well, I guess I better. That’s what this challenge is all about. *another great heaving sigh* Let me go set my timer. Be back in five…

Okay. FINE. I decluttered for five minutes. I chose to declutter the shelf where I keep my sheet music. Do you know what I found?

The glucose level records from my pregnancy. That’s 2011, people. I also found a sheaf of pictures of my kitchen that I photoshopped so I could visualize different paint colors on the cupboards. I found two printouts of songs I will never play again.

A calendar that my son made me last Christmas. That one was a little bit hard to toss. I got a little choked up about that.

So, I’m supposed to rest for five minutes now.

Okay. Fine.Five minute timer

*grumbles and sets timer*


I may have just made my boyfriend a crockpot lunch instead of resting.

On the one hand, I should have been resting. On the other hand, I made sure my boyfriend would have food while my husband and son and I visit the boardwalk.  My boyfriend eats a lot of fast food and his psychologist just told him to improve his diet. He don’t think he knows how to cook very many meals.

So, I’m being supportive.

I can hear you now.

“Wendy, you’re supposed to take care of yourself first.”

You’re right.

Actually resting now.

By the way, today’s Flylady video is my favorite one so far. It’s very wise and to the point.

Deleting the Flylady E-Mails

I have dutifully deleted my Flylady e-mails, as directed in today’s BabyStep.

BabyStep Day 12

The problem is that I deleted all of those e-mails before I read any of them.


At least I’m at inbox zero? That’s a thing, right?

Lemme go check my e-mail.

*checks e-mail*

Oh good, there are a couple of Flylady e-mails there. I’m going to read one now.

There. I did it. The e-mail I read was about meal planning with the kids. Hm. I have a kid. He’s actually kind of cooking. That’s something to put on the old backburner.

I note that she’s talking in today’s video that it’s all about not crashing and burning.

It’s like she knows. 


Here’s Your Homework

Rest for five minutes. It’s harder than it sounds. If you liked this post, please comment below – were you able to rest for five minutes? And if you found this post fun or useful, please share it with a friend.

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My favorite part of this whole site is the book reviews. 




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