Flylady Blog Along Day 15: Surprise Chicken

FlyladyAs you know, yesterday I made Flylady’s Surprise Chicken. Surprise Chicken, as made by Flylady, is, apparently, emptying out mostly-used condiment containers over chicken and then cooking the mixture in a crock pot.

How did it turn out, you may ask? Well.

It started off looking like this in the crock pot:

Surprise Chicken

And ended up looking like this in my bowl:

Finished Surprise Chicken

Note the extreme change in sauce color! I note that she also calls this Flybaby Fridge Cleaner.

But the real question is…. how did Surprise Chicken taste?

Drum roll please.

It tasted…

…surprisingly not terrible! A little sweet. A little savory. A liquidy flavorful sauce over shredded chicken. Over rice.

Thumbs up.

Would I do it again?


And before we move on to Day 15 of the Flylady Blog Along, I just want you to know that I made a pie.

That’s right. Even though my dishwasher is broken. Even though the overhead light in the kitchen is broken. Even though I was not expecting a mom at my kid’s school to give me twenty or so apples.

I said I’d make pie. And then I hand-washed all the dishes. And then I actually cut up the apples, made the crust, made the crumb topping, and baked the thing.

Let’s just discuss why that’s a big deal.

Without my Flylady routines, I would have been coasting along without a plan. I would have been reacting to my home’s state. But because the house was clean (thanks to the previously mentioned housecleaners) and I’d cleaned out my fridge and I was already in the kitchen with my Surprise Chicken, I was able to make a pie. And wash all the dinner dishes.

While I wore shoes and clean clothes and makeup and had my hair up.

In other words, I was functioning well.

I wasn’t manic. I wasn’t depressed. I wasn’t too tired. I just had enough energy lifting me up that I was able to clean up my kitchen, make a pie, watch an episode of Person of Interest while it baked, and then enjoy a pie dessert with my husband and son before we went to bed.

That’s crazy talk. Who does that?

People who have it together do. Not me.

But Flylady helps me to have it together.

And I want the kind of homelife where my family eats dinner together, then has pie.

NOTE: my son did not like the Surprise Chicken. He was NOT into it, and he explained why in descriptive terms. My husband said he’d eat it again.

And our drop-in guest said it was amazing.

Do you hear that? I had a guest drop in unexpectedly for dinner, and I had food available and a clean table to sit at.

*collapses in shock*

Okay. Let’s discuss getting dressed to shoes. Selfie of proof

I really like getting dressed to shoes every morning. I like setting out my outfit the night before. I choose a dress, underwear, bra, and necklace.

Then I put them on a wooden hanger and hang them on a tall wicker basket right beside the bathroom door.

I love figuring out which necklace will go with the dress. And then I love figuring out how I’ll do my makeup so it coordinates with my dress and necklace.

For most of my life, I’ve counted washing my hair and brushing my teeth as a big grooming win.

That’s not wrong.

But it helps you to see why I’m so excited that I’m putting on makeup. And wearing necklaces.

This one change has made me feel pride in my appearance. I strut when I walk to get my son from school. I know I look and smell good.

And I get compliments. I love them! I’m not hiding anymore. I’m strutting.


Who woulda thunk?


Flylady Day 15

On to Day 15!

Okie dokie. So far today, I’ve gotten dressed. Looked at my reminders. Read a Flylady e-mail. Considered my internal narrative. Fixed a Hot Spot. Done a Five-Minute Room Rescue. Decluttered for five minutes.

And then she asked me to make my bed.

And I was all, like, *double take*.

And I was all, like, but my husband is still in bed. And my boyfriend is still in bed. I don’t want to wake up them up.

And I don’t want to make the bed.

And besides, I want to get the morning routine done before I take my son to school.

So what did I do?

I remembered a lesson I learned many hazy years ago from Flylady. I don’t remember where she said it, but she mentioned that you can just make your own side of the bed when you wake up, and then you might discover that your partner makes up his side of the bed too.

So I think I’ll do that. Tell my partners what I’m doing, and ask them to make their side of the bed in the morning. I’m game for doing my side.



So far, I’ve made my boyfriend’s bed.


I made this bed.

My husband was still in his bed.

So I suppose I’ll go make that bed before I type any further.


I made this bed too.

Now, what about my kiddo? My kiddo technically has a bed, but all he uses it for is as a fort to battle in during playdates. He chooses to sleep on the floor wrapped in his favorite blanket. So, no bed-making needed in that department.


So. Here’s Your Homework.

Do a little extra grooming today. Whatever you want. Anything that makes you feel a little extra fancy. Not to be more attractive. No. You’re already gloriously attractive and, besides that, your attractiveness is not relevant to your worth as a person. The point is that I’d like you to feel yourself a little bit.

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