Flylady Blog Along Day 19: Flybaby Me

Flylady Day 19

FlyladyToday is Day 19 of the Flylady baby steps! I love being a Flybaby. Today is Day 19. On Day 19, Flylady introduces us to the testimonials on her site and shares a particularly effective one:

Where is this Bed and Breakfast?

Oh man, that plays on my heart strings. I want to wake up to my house and feel like that. And the thing about that? While I’ve been a Flybaby, I’ve started to feel that way.

Flybaby, Flybaby, Fly Away Home

Flylady Day 19

So far, I’ve made the beds, gotten dressed, checked some negative voices, put out a Hot Spot (kitchen table), done a Five-minute Room Rescue (living room), and…

Oh, huh. I haven’t done the declutter one yet. Oops.

Mental note to self: do the declutter next.

I’ve looked at my control journal and my post it notes, and I’ve read the Flylady emails.

Right. I’ll go do that Declutter right now.

As always, Flylady is right. That was energy-boosting and confidence-making. I tackled one of the drawers in my son’s so-called “arts and crafts” dresser, which is actually the place where we stuff things that… we don’t know where to put. Art supplies yes – loose crayons, markers, paints, and paint brushes, the occasional uncapped glue stick. But also scrap paper, old art projects, binders from school, sunflower seeds for our pet rats, and tiny toys.

You get the picture.

Five minutes later, I’ve basically emptied a drawer.

I feel so powerful.






Check out Flylady’s seminal book, which is certainly better organized for reference than an entire series of blog posts.

Just a short one today. See you next time!




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