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This is an aggressively happy corgiOh, the goings on

On Saturday, I celebrated a combination of Thanksgiving and Wolfenoot with my side of the family. Eagle-eyed readers may notice that I had one heck of a week right before, one that started with breaking my tooth, launched into a death in the family, and then morphed into having a bereaved and semi-estranged relative in my house for seven days. This family celebration was a sort of capstone project to the whole thing.

I am here to tell you that Flylady can get you through intense life phases. I was sad, tired, overwhelmed, and stressed. My visiting relative, even more so. And then I switched gears to plan a holiday gathering one day after my visiting relative left.




Huh. That was a lot.Selfie of proof

I may be repeating myself often over the course of these latest Flylady posts, but it’s true. The Flylady routines told me what to do. I stayed functional. She took my frayed and squealing bipolar brain and dipped it in the soothing balm of scheduled tasks. She told me what to do. She told me how to do them. She told me when to do them.

Day 26

On Day 26, all Flylady added was a reminder to slow down, take time to establish habits, and not to feel behind. Just to jump in where we are.



On 27

Flylady asked me to add to my afternoon routine by starting dinner. Yesterday was date night with my boyfriend, and he cooks dinner on date night. I asked him to select his recipe and I ordered the ingredients (along with the rest of the grocery run) from Instacart. He made Pork Chop Special. I made Asparagus Deluxe. Dinner was good.


Day 28

Today, Flylady is telling me to make sure that eat food, drink water, get take breaks during the day, and sleep at night.

What. A. Tyrant.

Specifically, she adds drinking water and taking medications or supplements or what not to the morning and before-bed routines.



Flylady Day 28


The End of the Baby Steps is Near

FlyladyPretty soon, the 31 days of Baby Steps will be finished. I’ll have a chance to set Flylady down entirely, modify her methods to my own tastes, or continue to follow her increasingly involved and ambitious system.

I know that I have bipolar disorder, so I’m always concerned, now, about systems that become increasingly involved and ambitious.

However, she’s been very helpful so far.

On the last day, I’ll let you know what my decision is.

Here’s Your Homework

Schedule a nice long break today. Fifteen minutes or more. Then take it.

Let me know how it feels for you. It might be incredibly uncomfortable. It might feel boring. It might be incredibly relaxing. I want to hear what you experience. Comment below and tell me!


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