Flylady Day 9: I am very tired

Fixed my hair and made up my face and shined my sink

Just a quick one today because I am very tired.

Why I Am Very Tired

Two friends in emotional crisis needed me for hours. I have (gladly) performed much emotional labor. Now I rest. Self-care! I’m an adult.

How Flylady Helped

Today I did all the steps in the morning routine. I even added the new step, which is performing a five-minute room rescue. That’s right, I hit the kitchen for five minutes, and now the clean dishes are put away and the dirty dishes are newly washed. And because last night’s hot spot was my dining room table, I was able to invite one of those friends in crisis over for cookies and coffee without any hesitation.

In Other Words, Flylady Was A Godsend

I’m going to keep things short today, but first, let me show you a selfie of my made up face and my shiny sink.

Fixed my hair and face and shined my sink

My Flylady challenge helped me present for my two friends. I was showered, in clean clothes, and my house was presentable. I was wearing boots and I had drunk coffee and eaten some breakfast. I am feeling very grateful.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the spoons for a longer post.

Until then, the struggle is real and self-care helps.

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