Flylady’s 11 Commandments: Blog Along Days 17 and 18

Flylady Selfie of Proof

FlyladyWell. Do I have stories to tell YOU! Before I tell you about all of my adventures, however, today is the day I get to learn about Flylady’s 11 Commandments.

I’ve been curious about these, and now I finally get to dig into them.

What underpinnings set the foundation for Flylady’s teachings?


BEHOLD Flylady’s 11 Commandments

Flylady's 11 Commandments

Right, so now to my stories.

First of All, I Got Rid of a Lot of Stuff.

And, I do mean a lot. Flylady would be proud. I’m amazed that decluttering didn’t make her list of commandments, it seems to crucial to her method, but I’m still sure that this counts as a real achievement in decluttering.

I got rid of:

  1. 5 boxes and 2 bags of kitchenware.
  2. A tiny computer desk.
  3. An end table.
  4. A love seat.

My decluttered loveseat, tables, and kitchenware.

breast cancer ribbon

All of this went to a Breast Cancer charity, and I hope that this stuff raises lots of money to benefit that cause.

Cancer sucks.

What lies behind this sizable declutter, you may ask?

Drumroll, please.

We’re getting a fancy massage chair. A big one. It looks like a space pod. It reclines. It does yoga stretching, among other things. And my old woman back desires massages in a big way. EVERY NIGHT SHALL I RECLINE AND GET MASSAGED!

That will be the life.

*sighs happily*


So. Darned. Excited.

Eagle-Eyed Readers May Notice That I Skipped A Couple of Blogging Days

The last time I posted it was November 7th. Today it is November 11th. I’ve been blogging every day. What happened?

I don’t know how to tell you this.

I’ll just tell you this.

I broke a tooth.

I was eating a Heath Bar when my back left molar crunched. Ominous. Surreal. I wiggled it with my tongue.

The tooth had dislodged from the gum and was wiggling mightily.

I ran into my boyfriend’s bedroom. It was 12:45 in the afternoon and he was asleep. That ended quickly.

“Get up,” I said. “I broke a tooth! Get up now!”

I called my dentist.

“Do you mind if I put you on a quick hold?” the receptionist asked.

“No problem,” I said, tooth flapping laterally as I spoke.

Here’s Where Flylady Comes in.

Because I was following my Flylady routine, my house was clean. I was bathed and dressed. I’d even put a special French accent braid into my hair. My shoes were on.

That means that I didn’t have to run around the house to find a clean shirt and pull it over my fragile-feeling head. I didn’t have to find shoes or pull greasy hair back into a ponytail. I was wearing makeup!

But Back to my Story

I waited on hold. My boyfriend got up and dressed. He hovered near me, keys at the ready. I waited.

And waited.

Finally, I spoke up.

“Let’s just get in the car,” I said. I remained on hold until we parked in front of the dentist’s office.

Just before I walked in, I ended the call.

“Hello,” I said. “I’m the person who was just on hold. I broke my tooth.”

Forty-five minutes later, I sat in the dentist’s chair.

Three hours later, I was numbed up and ready for an extraction.

An extraction is a very polite term for yanking your tooth out.

I have had an extraction before, and while it’s not particularly pleasant, it’s a quick procedure and doesn’t cause much pain afterward.

This time, it was different.

This time, I had a raging infection in my gums because the tooth had rotted from below, invisibly.

My gums were tender and extremely sensitive.

I shall spare you some immensely grisly details. I will tell you that there was a lever involved and that I thrashed so hard in pain that I kicked off my sandals.

This is the part where I admit that I was wearing sandals instead of lace-up shoes.

Had I followed Flylady’s instructions, I would not have kicked off my shoes in the dentist’s office.

She is, as always, right.

Long story short, the extraction failed.

The tooth part above the gum line is gone. The tooth part embedded within the gums remains. I’m on strong antibiotics and pain killers. I’ll go back again on Friday to try again with laughing gas.

I’ve had several root canals. I’ve given birth. I’ve had a kidney infection.

This was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.

I left the dentist’s office sobbing and in actual physical shock. Boyfriend supportively near me and being appropriately cuddly and huggy, we got the prescription medications. We got cottage cheese, pudding, ice cream, and yogurt cups for my new “cold and creamy” diet.

I want orange chicken so badly right now that I could cry.

ANYWAY, that’s why I took a few days off of blogging.

I needed rest and healing. Plus the pain killers, of which I took many, made me groggy.

But I still kept doing my Flylady. Not all of her steps, but many of them. I had outfits to wear, made beds to crawl into, cleaned up tables and a clean sink. My before-bed routine stayed mostly intact. The morning routine suffered somewhat.

But my Flylady routines were anchors for me as I lived in pain and emotional sadness and fear.

I have never been afraid of the dentist. Now I kind of am. I hope I get over that soon.

But we’re here to talk about Day 18.

Today, Flylady unloaded her 11 commandments, as listed above. I feel particularly called out by #2 and #4. I’m learning my lesson: Do what Flylady says.

I’m also intrigued my #8. I have a feeling that the new massage chair will play into this. I should start figuring out little things to do for myself, because right now… I really have no idea how to do something for myself.

And HERE’S the part where I admit that I haven’t done my morning routine yet.

So, let’s just go down the list.Flylady Day 18

Negative voices? Check.

Gonna go make the beds now.

Done. That took less than a minute.

Gonna go get dressed, etc. now. That will include taking a shower. Okay. Done.

Time for Hot Spot. I chose my dining room table. Done! That took about two minutes. Shocker, I know. Now, the Five-Minute Room Rescue.

Flylady morning routine selfie of proofI choose my living room.

*Five minutes later*

Oof that five-minute room rescue is some good cardio. Also, I’m amazed at how much that improved my living room. I have a student coming for a voice lesson in 25 minutes and now I won’t be embarrassed to have him show up. Look at me, all bathed and dressed and with a clean living room!

This is nice.

Right, now it’s time to declutter.

As you know, I have modified this to a 5-minute declutter instead of the prescribed fifteen. Here goes. I will declutter my desk.


You would never know that this is the same desk.

Wow. One hotspot, room rescue, and declutter later, this room is a thousand times better.

I love it.

Okay. Now to look at my control journal and a Flylady email. (Note: I have already written Flylady’s 11 Commandments down in my control journal.) Okay. I read Flylady’s essay “Are You Losing Your Mind?”

Why yes, Flylady, yes I am. And I like your system.

So, how does this relate to bipolar disorder?

Well, my story with the dentist proves that having those routines in place is helpful for an emergency trip for a tooth extraction. I was able to go into that dental office with my head held high. And that seems directly analogous to having routines in place when distraction or depression take over our brains.

And the structure is so useful. I don’t have to guess what to do next. I don’t get sidetracked. I just do the things on the list and magic happens. And cardio. And exercise is good for bipolar disorder. So is the satisfaction of seeing such tangible improvement.

Flylady routines seem to be a great life skill for people with bipolar disorder to learn. It might not work for everyone, but so far, it’s seeming like an excellent thing to try.


Flylady Day 17: The Video

Flylady Day 18: The Video


So, Here’s Your Homework.

Try a five-minute Room Rescue today. By golly, are they ever effective. Pick your worst room and clean it up for five minutes. Don’t get distracted. Just set a timer and go. Then stop.

Tell me how that works for you! Leave a comment below telling me what you think of all this. I’m dying to know. And if you thought this post was funny or useful or thought-provoking, please share it with your friends.



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