Free Printable Money Worksheets

Sometimes even the simplest of personal finance assessment can be life-changingly effective. A piggy bank

Figuring out your money doesn’t have to be needlessly, overwhelmingly complicated. In fact, even answering just a few straight-forward questions can help you make good choices about the way you manage your money. To that end, this post provides free printable money worksheets that you can use.

This is true whether your (hypo)manic or depressed, O Bipolar Ones. Manageable, accessible questions can be easy enough to answer even when you’re in the thores of unwashed, sluggish apathy. And pausing to check into your finances when your mind is racing with ambitious, over-confident thoughts can forestall financial disaster before (hypo)mania carries you away into large spending sprees.writing

One of the simplest and most enlightening activities you can do is to sit down and review your last 30 days of spending. I recall with fondness the hair-raising shock that I received one month when I realized that I had spent four hundred dollars on books.

I write to you now from my public library.

Free Printable Money Worksheets

Here are the worksheets. There are three of them. Each one of them was made by me and are intended to be of particular help to those with bipolar disorder.

My Monthly Expenses in Review

You never know what you’ll discover during a post-month analysis, so take a few moments now to look over the previous month.

free printable money worksheet

My monthly expenses in review

Envelope Budget Worksheet

Envelope budgeting involves keeping track of your money by placing a designated amount in an envelope at the start of each month. Some people use only one envelope per month, but I prefer to use a few different envelopes and to divide them into categories.

For example, I might divide them into:

  • Meals out
  • Book money
  • Movies
  • Shopping trips

Then you assess how much money you can afford to spend in each category and put that cash amount into its envelope. Then, when it’s time to go spend money on a designated category, you grab your envelope and use it to help you gage your spending.

envelope budget worksheet

Envelope budget worksheet

Needs and Wants Worksheet

This isn’t about reprimanding yourself for wanting things. This isn’t about sorting out your needs from your wants and then giving up what you want. No. This is an exercise that helps you figure out what you need, name what you want, and brainstorm how you can fit those things into your budget.

needs and wants worksheetNeeds and Wants

Here’s your homework

Print these sheets. Fill them out. What do you discover? What plans do you make? Comment below and tell me; I’d be thrilled to hear about your experience. And consider sharing this with a friend who might find it helpful.

Worksheets aren’t the only resources out there. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about a really good book about money management. See you then.

thinking about your money

–>How to Manage Bipolar Spending Sprees<–

My favorite part of this whole site is the book reviews. 




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