How do you keep house as someone who has bipolar disorder?Fixed my hair and face and shined my sink

While bipolar disorder comes with many gifts, it can also come with some gnarly symptoms. Things like depression and (hypo)mania can leave us struggling to keep our commitments, get out of bed, stay civil with our loved ones, or know how to tackle tasks.

And those symptoms can make it hard for us to go to school or hold down a job. Which means that often we end up being in charge of the house while someone else makes the money.

The problem is that keeping house is a complicated task that requires regular effort and repetitive tasks.

And if you’re (hypo)manic, you not have the patience do deal with that sort of thing when you could be launching a new business and going back to college to double major in French and Archeology.

And if you’re depressed, you may be spiraling into a pit of self-loathing that leaves you unable to do anything but eat piles of chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce while you binge-watch episode and episode of streaming television.

And if there are kids or you’re a caregiver, the overwhelm can be much, much, much more extreme.

So how do you? How do you?

Not every person with bipolar disorder is relegated to running the house. Some of us manage full-time or part-time work, thank you very much. Some of us are students and doing just fine. And some of us have chosen, with eyes wide open, to be in charge of keeping the home running smoothly.

This site is dedicated to those of us with bipolar disorder who are running our homes, and, for the most part, staying home.

I write about good strategies, terrible strategies, soundbites, challenges, and experiments, all devoted to the topic of staying at home when you have bipolar disorder. I’m not usually prescriptive, but I will point out tried-and-true techniques when I bring them up. The rest, we’ll try together, as a means of performing assessments on the techniques.

I am no expert.

I’m just a bipolar stay-at-home mom who teaches piano lessons on the side and has a blog.

But I am running many experiments. Which housekeeping methods work for people with bipolar? I catalog these in the blog.

And I have life experience and a toolkit of techniques at my back. I’ll share those techniques with you too.

I recommend that you start with the blog.

The blog here is the heart of the site. I also write book reviews on occasion, but far less frequently.

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