House Cleaning Routines: Flylady Days 22 and 23

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FlyladyMy last few days have included a failed two failed tooth extractions followed by oral surgery under general anesthesia. Then there was a death in the family. Flylady’s routines carried me through those things with a sense of peace and order. My home supported me by being clean and comfortable and the routines – knowing what to do next – gave me a sense of structure and told me what to do next. Thank you, house cleaning routines. You were useful.

House Cleaning Routines: Helpful

When I came home from the hospital, the dishes were done. The floor was clear. The dining room table lay empty and clean. My sink was shining. I had a new outfit draped over a hanger. And there was food in the fridge.

I’m hosting a relative this week while we cope with the death in the family, and my house feels like a haven.

And I don’t have to make any decisions or get overwhelmed or power clean. I get to follow Flylady’s manageable step-by-step instructions, rest, heal from my surgery, and nap while I cope with my emotions.

And I hope my guest feels like this house is restful and nurturing as well. I hope that the soothing rhythms of laundry and dish washing and dinner are surrounding him in a homelike cloud of safety and hominess.
Flylady Day 22

Life is slowly getting back to normal

And Flylady’s routines are keeping me from floundering. I’m not depressed or guilty or stressed. I get to take things one step at a time, secure in the knowledge that these Babysteps are effective.

Meanwhile, I performed Day 22 yesterday and I’m doing Day 23 today.

Day 22

On day 22 of the Flylady Babysteps, I filled in most of the sections of my Control Journal. I added the Weekly Plan, the Personal Section, Emergency Numbers, the Afternoon Routine, and descriptions of each Zone and their detailed cleaning lists. I also added the Perpetual Pantry section and a weekly meal plan.

It was a touch overwhelming when I saw all of the tasks that I’ll eventually do, but I also felt great security: just the weekly meal plan alone gave me a soothing feeling.

And today, the Perpetual Pantry list was handy when I went grocery shopping: I simply checked the contents of my fridge, freezer, and pantry against the list and added what I need. It was a very graceful and simple process.




Flylady Day 23

Day 23

Today is Day 23 of the Flylady Babysteps. Today Flylady tells me to begin the first step of the Afternoon Routine: Start Dinner. That’s a fascinating coincidence, because today the family members most touched by the recent death will gather here at my house for dinner and board games.

I am so glad that my house is ready for them. I feel like I can offer a haven, and that makes me misty with relief. I’ve planned my menu for tonight and ordered the ingredients:

  • Buttermilk Baked Chicken
  • Green Salad
  • French Bread
  • Brownies

It’s simple, I know, but it covers all the bases.

I think I’ll focus also on cleaning off the table and setting it with a simple decoration.





selfie of proofI’ve also been well-groomed through it all, thanks to Flylady

Every day, I took a shower and put on fresh clothes, wearing my boots and bracelets and a dab of perfume. Today was the first day I managed makeup, and I think that’s perfectly fine.

So I was able to go through this time of upheaval feeling dignified and worthy, and my appearance was not at all a concern for me.

I don’t know what happens next this week, but I know that Flylady will help me through.

Her Baby steps are giving me a feeling of focus and purpose and security. I took several hours yesterday to work on the control journal. That might sound overwhelming, but I found it incredibly soothing.

Meanwhile, I am feeling much better after the surgery and seem to be healing up quite well. My face isn’t even puffy any more! The gum tissue looks healthy, too.

So, here’s your homework

Pick a Flylady Baby Step today and added it to your regular routine. See if it brings you a sense of peace and pride. Let me know in the comments below how that works for you. Also, if you’ve had to deal with gnarly tooth stuff, definitely comment below and share your story! Did you have home routines in place to help you?

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