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selfie of proof day 25

Simplifying it.

That’s been my mantra during this stressful week. After the death in the family and while I’m providing a haven for my grieving house guest, I’ve been sweeping aside optional responsibilities with the force of hurricane winds. With aplomb and confidence, if I do say so myself.

I’ve canceled many of the music lessons that I teach. I’ve said no to babysitting requests. I’ve taken maaaany naps.

I stocked my kitchen with pastries for breakfast and sandwich fixings for lunch, so everybody has access to food at any time. I’ve cooked very simple meals.

And I’ve delegated my decision-making to Flylady.

I’m tired. I’m stressed. I’m confused. I’m providing a lot of emotional support to the deceased’s son. I have very little energy left to make choices and determine schedules. Flylady’s routines have kept me dressed and groomed. And they’ve kept my house humming along comfortably.

That means I’ve been able to take care of my house guest peacefully and without freaking out. Because I simply do what Flylady says.

I don’t overthink it. I don’t overreach. I don’t resist. I simply surrender to the routines and let them carry me.

And it’s worked beautifully.

My kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, and hallway are tidy. My dining room table is clear. The dishes are totally in check. My clean clothes are put away. I only have a small amount of dirty laundry, and that is contained in two slender hampers by the laundry room.

But there’s a new event looming on the horizon.

Thanksgiving. On Saturday, I’m hosting the Thanksgiving meal for my side of the family. This, too, I have decided to simplify.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend started learning how to cook. His psychologist recommended that he start eating healthier meals. I wasn’t about to tell my boyfriend what to eat – that’s his business – but I bought him a three-ingredient cookbook to help him get started. He’s started cooking dinner on Thursday and Sunday, and I’m very proud of him. He’s doing well.

And it turns out that the 3-ingredient cookbook turns out perfectly satisfactory food. Even delicious, sometimes.

So I’ll be using many 3-ingredient recipes for the Thanksgiving meal.

Cranberry sauce. Sweet potatoes. Mashed potatoes. Green bean casserole. Rolls. Salad. You get the gist. Even the beef roast I’m making instead of cooking (because we’re combining Thanksgiving with a charming new holiday called Wolfenoot) will have three ingredients: beef, brown sugar, and salt.

If I’m going to make Thanksgiving when I’m this drained, I’m darned well going to be simplifying it.

And there are many fun ways to make cooking simpler. Take, for example, Flylady’s Surprise Chicken.

Plus, I don’t have to do a massive cleaning frenzy.

Because I’ve been doing my Flylady routines, my house is reasonably clean in every room.

This is a miracle. It just reeks of miracles. It is miraculous. I feel miracled. By surrendering to Flylady and simply doing what she says, my house is ready for Thanksgiving already. On Saturday, I’ll be able to focus on cooking and enjoying time with my family instead of worrying about my house. That’s a lot of stress relieved in advance.

Flylady Day 24Day 24

On day twenty-four of Flylady, it’s time to add the swish and swipe. All that means is swishing the toilet brush around the toilet bowl and swiping at the bathroom sink and counter with something wet and wipey. Already, in just two days, my bathroom looks clean-ish. Two thumbs up.

You may notice that there are quite a few Baby Steps to perform every day.

The thing is, none of them suck.

The hard ones are over with within minutes or seconds. The longer ones (getting dressed to shoes, hair, and face, for example) are extremely pleasant.

When I’m dressed and I have my makeup on, I feel elegant, attractive, and confident.

There is another miracle.

Am I calling Flylady miraculous.


Day 25

On Day 25 (today) I don’t need to add anything to the routines. I just read a Flylady article.


Selfie of proof, day 25

So. Here’s your homework.

How can you make one of your projects more manageable? Break it down into smaller pieces. Extend your timetable.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you. You can use this for learning a new language, working on a gardening project, a craft, or perhaps something at work, or professional development.

Comment below and tell me your experience!

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