The 30-Day Sustainable Domesticity Challenge: Let’s Recap (Day 30)

Let's Recap

Wow. Look at all we’ve achieved in the 30-Day Sustainable Domesticity Challenge. I can’t believe it’s over. I can’t believe we did it. I’m bipolar. How did I do something for thirty days? Unreal. I celebrate this! And we’ve covered a lot of ground.

Let’s recap.

Let's Recap

If you’re new to the challenge, this is a great place to start because you can see the contents of the challenge at a glance.

Let’s Recap

Day 1: Maxim 1 and Maxim 2

Day 2: The Bipolar Home

Day 3: Have a Bipolar Family?

Day 4: Organizing From the Inside Out

Day 5: Enjoy Your Home

Day 6: Cooking When Depressed

Day 7: Maxim 2

Day 8: Making Homemade Stuff

Day 9: How to Make the Things

Day 10: Live Like You Are Poor

So after 10 days, we were a third of the way and we’d already covered so much. But it was time for the muddle in the middle, and we pressed on, learning and focusing on new things even as reality sank in.

I get overwhelmed

Day 11: I Get Overwhelmed

Day 12: Definine Spontaneity

Day 13: Managing Bipolar Disorder

Day 14: Fixing Sociocultural Perspectives About Bipolar Disorder

Day 15: Kintsugi Philosophy

Day 16: Your Bipolar Home

Day 17: Self-Love – A Definition

Day 18: Why Does My House Smell?

Day 19: How to Keep a House

Day 20: Do You Get Depression?

Then, suddenly, we were two-thirds of the way done. And as me moved on, there were yet more nooks and crannies to investigate along the way.

I can take care of myself

Day 21: Loving Life at Home

Day 22: Do You Understand Yourself?

Day 23: Tidying Up Games  <–My Favorite Post of the Challenge!

Day 24: Coping Skills Depression Worksheet

Day 25: I Can Take Care of Myself

Day 26: Simple Home Decorating Ideas

Day 27: Cooking During Depression

Day 28: What to do When You’re Bored at Home

Day 29: How to Be Your Authentic Self

And now we’re here, having completed something big. I don’t know about you, but I have newfound respect for how hard it is to take a shower. Maxim 2 is a challenge all its own, and not a trivial one.

But what now? Well…

Here’s Your Homework

Bookmark this site, put it on your RSS feed, whatever it takes to remind you to come back. Starting next week, we’re going to launch into a series of posts about Autumn Activities for Adults. In October, we’ll cover cooking. Personal finance. Home styling. And flavor combinations. All with our own merry bipolar twist. Look for new posts every Monday through Thursday.

And if you like this challenge, please comment below and share the challenge with your friends.

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We deserve a rest.

In the meantime, my favorite part of this whole site is still the book reviews. 



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